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VisionBank has eight full-service branches in Ames, Boone, Grimes, Huxley, and Ogden, and a VisionBank Mortgage office in West Des Moines. The bank is owned by VisionBankshares, Inc., a locally-owned bank holding company based in Central Iowa. The bank offers full service retail, mortgage, consumer, commercial, commercial real estate, and agricultural deposit and lending products and services. 

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Traveler’s Check Use Declines as Cards Replace Cash Standby

Traveler’s checks were once hailed as a convenient method of payment that vacationers  shouldn’t leave home without. Favored for their security, these drafts were frequently used by people who wanted a safe way to carry their money to make purchases on international and domestic trips. Now, most major banks and credit unions no longer issue them, and they’re increasingly difficult to use, as consumers turn to credit and debit cards instead.

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5 Money Moves to Make Before Traveling Abroad

In the excitement of exploring a new country, it's all too easy to rack up extra expenses when paying in a foreign currency. Exchange rates fluctuate and it's not always clear what commissions and fees you're being charged. But just a bit of advance prep can turn you into a savvy consumer overseas. To start, check the exchange rate and familiarize yourself with the price of common items as a benchmark. Then use this list of smart money moves for travelers.

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Your Money Cheat Sheet

The best financial advice tends to apply to pretty much everyone. You don’t need a spreadsheet of pros and cons and complex scenarios. What you need is a rule of thumb.

There’s no shame in using one-size-fits-all advice. A study of West Point cadets, for example, found teaching rules of thumb was at least as effective as standard personal finance training in increasing students’ knowledge and confidence as well as their willingness to take financial risks. Researchers found money rules of thumb were more effective than teaching accounting principles to small-business owners in the Dominican Republic.

Here are a dozen shamelessly simple money rules of thumb collected over the years.

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