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VisionBank has eight full-service branches in Ames, Boone, Grimes, Huxley, and Ogden, and a VisionBank Mortgage office in West Des Moines. The bank is owned by VisionBankshares, Inc., a locally-owned bank holding company based in Central Iowa. The bank offers full service retail, mortgage, consumer, commercial, commercial real estate, and agricultural deposit and lending products and services. 

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Happy MLK Day!

This MLK Day themed coloring sheet is free to print and fun to color! Color it with anything you want - crayons, colored pencils, markers, or even paint. This coloring page is perfect for anyone, at any age! 

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Monthly Budget Trackers

Studies show less than 8% of individuals stick to their resolutions each year. Yet there are millions of Americans who continue to set goals with high hopes of a better year ahead. Keep your finances on track with a few of our new and easy to use budget templates.

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To Stuff or Not to Stuff

Cash stuffing — a method of budgeting by using cash stored in envelopes — is gaining steam thanks to social media. On the surface, cash stuffing is harmless. It can help prevent impulse buys and curb credit card debt. However, like most things in life, there are good aspects and bad aspects. 

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Short Moves

When you’re saving for retirement, it’s all about the long-term view. That usually means investing in a diversified portfolio and leaving your money in the market for many years. However, retirement isn’t the only thing you’re saving for. You may be saving for college, a down payment on a house, or an emergency fund. Here are a few ideas for your money if you’re saving for short-term or intermediate-term goals.

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Ho-Hum Holidays

Inflation is trying to ruin the holidays. According to a new report, while American consumers think they’ll spend about as much as last year on gifts, there’ll be a lot less of them to go around.

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hitting It Big!

As you probably know, the chances of actually hitting that lottery jackpot are minuscule. As US News reports, the current odds of winning the PowerBall are one in 292.2 million. Yet we still play. Here’s a little of the psychology behind why:

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