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Summary of Recent and Upcoming NACHA Rule Changes

April – New R11 Will Differentiate Unauthorized Return Reasons

Effective on April 1, 2020, the Rule to better differentiate unauthorized return reasons goes into effect. 

Up until this time, return reason R10 with the description of “Unauthorized” has been a catch-all for various types of ACH debit returns including those when the originator has made an error.  R11, a re-purposed reason will going forward have the description of “Customer Advises Entry Not In Accordance with the Terms of the Authorization”. R11 will be used to return an ACH entry when a receiving financial institution receives a claim from their account holder that the ACH entry has an error such as the wrong date or the incorrect amount.  R11 will have the same 60-day extended return time frame and requirement for a Written Statement as with R10 and the sender of the ACH debit will not be required to obtain a new authorization if the error is corrected.  R11 returns will be covered by the Unauthorized Entry Return Rate reporting requirement as with R10 returns. The Unauthorized Entry Fee for R11 returns will take effect on April 1, 2021.  


For further information we recommend you obtain a copy of the current NACHA Operating Rules and Guidelines. The NACHA Rules are published annually and may be referenced or ordered at or by contacting visionbank directly.

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