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We want to bring your attention to a recent cybersecurity threat affecting VisionBank. There have been reports of fake business emails circulating, attempting to deceive recipients. The fake address making the rounds is Please remain vigilant and be cautious of emails exhibiting unusual signs such as unexpected attachments, unfamiliar sender addresses, or urgent requests for sensitive information.

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VisionBank has eight full-service branches in Ames, Boone, Grimes, Huxley, and Ogden, and a VisionBank Mortgage office in West Des Moines. The bank is owned by VisionBankshares, Inc., a locally-owned bank holding company based in Central Iowa. The bank offers full service retail, mortgage, consumer, commercial, commercial real estate, and agricultural deposit and lending products and services. 

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Catch Up

The second round of coronavirus stimulus checks is on the way — in fact, you may have already received one by direct deposit if it was due to you. In general, single adults who qualify will receive up to $600 and married adults will receive up to $1,200. Those with children 17 years or younger will also receive $600 per dependent. Now the question is — what should you do with that cash? Here are some ideas.

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Sit & Wait

Here’s yet another reason to consistently check your credit report: Debt parking. This is the term used for a new scam in which debt collectors place fake debts on your credit report in the hopes of fooling you to pay up.

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Two Is Better Than One

Now is always a good time to start planning for your future. Yes, even during a pandemic. You might already be saving in a work-sponsored 401(k) — and that’s great — but here’s why you should consider opening an IRA as well.

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2020 Community Impact Report

VisionBank is committed to growing our communities in Central Iowa, and we take pride in the opportunity to partner with our neighbors by giving of our time, resources, and funding when possible. View our 2020 Community Impact Report to learn more about our philanthropic activities.

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Stick Around

The coronavirus vaccines have given everyone a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, one day, perhaps things will return to the way they were. If you’re like most people, there is one thing from this time you might like to keep around: Your stricter financial habits. Here are some money-centric behaviors that arose during the pandemic that are worth making permanent.

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Relationships Rule

When asked to identify the quintessential ingredient that makes community banking special, we do not hesitate to answer “relationships,” and it has never been more apparent than over the past few months when we reached out to the community during the coronavirus pandemic to communicate that the VisionBank was open for business and ready to serve in an hour of need.

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It’s Time To Check In On Your Finances

Budgets and cash reserves aren’t just for corporate America. As the COVID-19 global pandemic keeps going (and going) it’s time to figure out exactly where you are with your personal finances so you can create a plan for how to best move forward in 2021. Across the United States and the world, it’s been a challenging year on many fronts with millions of people facing a much different economic outlook than they did just 12 months ago.

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