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We want to bring your attention to a recent cybersecurity threat affecting VisionBank. There have been reports of fake business emails circulating, attempting to deceive recipients. The fake address making the rounds is Please remain vigilant and be cautious of emails exhibiting unusual signs such as unexpected attachments, unfamiliar sender addresses, or urgent requests for sensitive information.

VisionBank is Secure Heartbleed/Open SSL

April 14, 2014

VisionBank’s website servers have been fully tested and it has been confirmed that our servers were not affected by the Heartbleed bug/Open SSL threat and  remain secure. You may continue to use the VisionBank website, online banking and mobile app with confidence.

We highly encourage online and mobile banking users to update their password, as it is good practice to change passwords frequently. We advise you to choose a password that is unique to your online banking log in and includes capital and lowercase letters, numbers and characters.

To change your password on Internet Bank, log on to your account. Select “options” and then “edit” under the Password heading. Please note: once you change your VisionBank online banking password, you will also use that new password when logging into the VisionBank mobile banking app.

We also recommend changing your password on other important sites, such as your credit card account, your investment accounts and any other important health, wealth or online shopping accounts you may have.

Changing your password is an easy way to protect yourself from the Heartbleed bug and other criminal internet activity.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at 515-956-4343 or email us at


For more information about the Heartbleed/Open SSL security bug, please visit

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