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Common Questions

Account Setup

How Do I Change My Password? 

How Do I Setup Account Alerts?

How Do I Sign Up for eStatements?

How Do I Sign Up for Mobile Banking? 



Online Banking

Why Sign Up For Online Banking? 

How To Setup Account Reminders

How Do I Setup an Automatic Payment?

How Do I Setup eBills? 

How Do I Sign Up For eStatements?

How Do I Setup My Profile?

How Does Online Bill Pay Work? 

How Can I Send Money? 



Mobile Banking

How Do I Sign Up For Mobile Banking?

How Do I Make A Mobile Deposit?

Can I Find a VisionBank Location in the App?

How Do I Manage My Cards?

How Do I Check My Credit Score?

How Do I Setup Touch ID/Face ID?

How Do I Setup Real-Time Account Alerts? 

Why Have Mobile Banking?




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