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Social Saver

July 14, 2020

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How social distancing is saving you money

Social distancing’s major benefit is that it is slowing the spread of the coronavirus. But there’s another upside of this new (hopefully, temporary) way of life: It can save you money. Let’s look at some items you’re likely spending way less on thanks to the fact that you’re not out and about as normal.


You’re likely working from home right now, which means you’re driving less and spending less on gas. Now might be time to move some of your monthly gas budget to your emergency savings fund.


Most fitness centers across America are shuttered, making gym memberships another area of monthly savings. Again, take a look at your budget and see if the money you’ve been saving without a gym membership could be funneled somewhere beneficial. (If your gym is still charging you, call and ask to be put on hold.)

Dining Out

While restaurants are offering takeout and delivery, you’re probably spending less on dining out thanks to social distancing. If you’re spending about the same as you were before, it’s time to cut back on delivery apps. As US News reports, they often have loads of extra fees that can turn a sensible purchase into something quite expensive.


There’s nowhere to go, so chances are you’re not buying as many clothes as you usually do. Use this time to analyze your shopping habits. When things get back to normal, you might find yourself spending less on things because you’ve realized you had a habit of overspending




Chris O'Shea

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