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Coronavirus Scams To Be Aware Of

June 3, 2020

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Scammers are opportunistic, so naturally they are creating fraud based around coronavirus worries. Here are some COVID-19-related scams that authorities have spotted recently.

Account Takeovers

This scam involves a thief getting control of your bank account via an emailed link. The email usually involves some type of sensational news about coronavirus. The link inside the email leads to a fake site asking for money in exchange for access to coronavirus data. Once you enter your info, the scammer uses it to access your account and change your account info. Just like that, they’ve taken over your account. Don’t click links in emails from anyone who seems suspicious. Especially if the email is asking for account info and/or money in exchange for coronavirus data.

Fake Masks

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, more than 19,000 new, fraudulent websites have been found to be “selling” Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or masks. The sites get your payment then never deliver the products. Only buy PPE or masks from trusted retailers.

Stimulus Checks

USA Today reports that scammers are targeting consumers who are still waiting for their stimulus checks. The scam involves a person claiming to be able to speed up the process so you can get your check as fast as possible. Guess what they need to make that happen? That’s right: Your bank account info. Remember that everyone who qualifies and has yet to receive a check will be getting theirs by mail over the next few months. Anyone who says they can get you your check faster is lying.

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