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VisionBank Career Opportunities

Why VisionBank?

VisionBank is looking for new talent to join our team. This is an opportunity to work for an organization that values your goals and aspirations. An opportunity to have a positive impact on your community. An opportunity to be inspired by leaders in the industry and to inspire others. An opportunity for a rewarding career is right here. Apply Today!

Passionate People

It's our people that differentiate us from our competition, and connect us with our customers. We believe that the VisionBank brand is more than a logo or a tagline, although it does include these components. It is the character of the organization - the culture, the expression, the values, and the reputation.

Community Focused

First and foremost, VisionBank is a community bank. Our purpose is to encourage and support the organizations that meet the needs of others, foster future growth, and enhance the area where we live, work and play. VisionBank's hope is to help community service organizations implement and continue programs and projects that will improve the quality of life for our community at large. We have a rich, 100+ year history in Central Iowa, and we take pride in the opportunity to partner with our neighbors by giving our time, resources, and funding when possible.

Growing History

Our communities are our business. Your success is our goal. Join our team!


"A happy employee recommended I seek employment at VisionBank thirteen years ago. The company's size, local decision making, personal recommendation, and community friendly standards drew me in. I have remained employed here following reasons. First and foremost, we have great leaders that show genuine and sincere interest in the people they work with. Second, VisionBank cultivates a culture of upward mobility. We look for ways to pair our companies needs with our employee's passions, asking employees what they are interested in doing and how they would like to see their careers unfold. Third, VisionBank not only encourages, but sponsors community outreach, with an emphasis placed on creating a real connection with the community. Our staff can give back to organizations, clubs, and events that move them. This is a great chance to be an ambassador for the bank. Lastly, I may on occasion laugh too loud or too long, but I can be, as Oprah says "my authentic self." Our VisionBank team values who we are and what individual differences and strengths we bring to the team.

 Amanda Estey, Vice President  | Retail Manager


"Everyone wants to do work that has an impact, and in a small company like VisionBank, you can often see the impact of your work on a daily basis. The level of control and responsibility you can take for you position and the company is far greater than you would see elsewhere. In some cases, you might be doing work similar to that of a C-level executive at a bigger company."